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Supply, installations and repairs of crash barriers and handrails: N2, H1, H2, H3, H4b

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We own several approved pile driving machines manufactured abroad, used within the scope of the EU for pile driving crash barrier posts and subsequent installation of road crash barriers. For transportation of material and equipment, we use trucks and utility vehicles. Thanks to our equipment we are able to install a large number of running meters of crash barriers in a short amount of time, in the highest possible quality. The variability of our equipment is usable for pile driving and subsequent installation even in challenging terrains.

We achieve the maximum height level we can provide through the variability of our machine and the subsequent special installation technique.


  • Pile drivers and drivers for post profiles V, C, UE, IPE, SIGMA, HEA (extending arm up to 2,5 m)
  • Power hammer
  • Trucks with hydraulic arm
  • Utility vehicles with full installation equipment
  • Drilling units for guardrail crash barriers




  • Pile driving, even into hard sub layers including asphalt surfaces
  • Installation of edge (single sided) crash barriers
  • Installation of crash barriers into center divider (double sided) from one place
  • Anchoring of posts for ledges
  • Trained team of workers (trained by the manufacturer in accordance with ČS EN ISO 9001:2009)
  • We have several installation groups available

We supply and install Austrian crash barrier systems VOEST-ALPINE