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Supply, installations and repairs of crash barriers and handrails: N2, H1, H2, H3, H4b, mobile T3 W2

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Crash barriers  - VESIBA s.r.o.


Our company is dealer of certified and approved Austrian and Czech crash barrier systems of the Voestalpine and ArcelorMittal types in the Czech Republic as well as an installation company with its own equipment.

VESIBA, s.r.o. has attained an important position on the road construction market and has become one of the foremost suppliers and installers of crash barriers, installing all certified and approved types of road, bridge and guardrail crash barriers used on roads and highways in the Czech Republic.

Voestalpine and ArcelorMittal crash barriers are certified and approved for use by the Ministry of Transportation on all types of roads in the Czech Republic. We are holders of the established and certified quality-control system ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016.

ArcelorMittal Ostrava a.s.

Delivery and installation of Voest-Alpine crash barriers on the newly built Prague ring road SOKP D1 - R1

We provided the complete delivery and installation of a new KB1 RH1 V type crash barrier system on the Prague ring road and the KB1 RH3 railing system on SOKP 514. In the center divider, the Voest-Alpine KB3 RH2 B crash barriers, with an S3 drainage gutter ,were installed on the construction section of SOKP 512. Information on Voest-Alpine crash barriers can be found in the VOESTALPINE section.

Our company recently supplied and installed guardrail crash barriers of the Voest-Alpine type KB1 RH3 on an important bridge construction project spanning the LOCHKOV VALLEY on SOKP 514. We carry the entire assortment of certified and approved types of crash barrier systems available for customers, ready for immediate delivery.

Voest-Alpine Crash barriers with a large S3 drainage gutter are installed on the D1 highway in the center divider in the section PRAHA – ŘÍČANY – MIROŠOVICE as well as on many other construction projects of the ring road around Prague (SOKP 512). We also take part in full deliveries and installations on many road construction projects throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

We are newly selling and installing certified Voest-Alpine road, single-sided crash barriers KB1 RN2 C with a drainage gutter in a length of 6m and retention grade N2, as well as a double-sided road crash barrier for the center divider, KB1 MH2, with H2 retention and protection against the passing under of bicycles and motorcycles (bike PROTECT).


We supply and install all crash barrier systems for all types of roads, for road construction sites, bridges, storage facilities, parking lots, entryways, advertising signage and bike paths throughout the Czech Republic as well as in Slovakia. We perform pile driving into ground sub layers for the building of solar panels for photovoltaic power plants (FVE).

We have experience in all aspects of these installations and in their full scope, which we are able to carry out quickly and in superior quality in accordance with the needs of the customer. We take the liberty here of asking our customers to including our company in and contacting us with regard to bid submissions and tenders.

We install and supply crash barriers of the following types: KB1 RN2 V, KB1 RN2 C, KB1 RH1 C, KB1 RH1 B, KB1 RH1 V, KB1 MH 1, KB1 RH2, KB1 MH2, KB1 RH2, KB1 RH2 K, KB1 RH3, KB1 MH 3, KB1 RH3, KB3 RH2, KB2 RH2 C, KB2 MH2 C, KB3 RH2 B, KB3 RH2, KB3 RH3 V, KB3 RH4, KB3 RH4b.